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Michael VotterDear Lizaene and Cat,

staff members and other volunteers, all the animals,

whole Panthera Africa!

Months ago I was totally nervous and had no idea what to expect at my short stay at Panthera Africa.

It was a dream since my childhood to work with this beautiful animals and do something good for them. As I was planning my trip to South Africa I read a lot of things in the web and heard for the first time something about the canned hunting industry. First I was shocked about myself. I felt ignorant and very naiv. I changed my plan and cancelled my first destination which was already booked for a week too and booked only a stay for one week at Panthera Africa. And yeah, at this time there were a lot of mails with Catherine – and they helped me to do the right thing.

Now, I stayed only one week at you but I can´t express in words the way you have changed my soul and I would say a piece of my life. After a hard time in the past this one week gives me so much peace and strength back to me that I can´t believe whats happens to me. It was such a great time and I enjoyed every single moment of this week – but I can´t express in words what I want to tell you.

In the middle of nowhere you created such a beautiful home for you and your big cats. A place of quiet and peace. The view, the unique evening mood at the fences, the clear starry sky – amazing!

Michael Votter cubsI remember the first night. After a long day I was laying in my bed and heared the lions roar for the first time. What a feeling! And the lions roar every single night – great!

Only one week! I was pleasantly surprised how fast I felt like home and comfortable. All of you were so approachable and friendly that i had no other chance. 😉 Ok, my English is not very good (u can still read in this text^^) and that was my biggest problem. I couldn´t act in my usually way where I really am. But I really enjoyed the cool and funny conversations in the evening on the terrace.

Surrounded by all the marvelous cats and far away from the daily business in Germany I had a chance to come down for myself and at the same time I could work for these cats and doing some good things for them. I could see every single day that all of you do their work with so much passion and love for these beautiful animals. Ok, I think this week was a bit chaotic because of the happenings with Bella but I´m still happy about my decision on this day to stay at home. 😉 So I had the chance to see everything and could help you a little bit. This day was definitely a highlight for me. I hope Bella is feeling well and is enjoying her new life!

Liz and Cat, I wish you to keep on your passion, remain true to your principals, find further supporters for your beautiful place and make them bigger! You have enough place and I like your future planning. 😉 I could see it in every single moment that everything you do – you do this with all your heart. The daily planning, the caring for your animals (for example the fresh green gras for Bella 😉 ) and when you go to your animals by your own.

I just wanna say thanks!

And sorry for the other guys but my special thanks is for Cat. She had so much patience with me and my mails and helps me a lot in my planning for my trip to South Africa. And Cat: your words to me when I was leaving means a lot to me!

Thanks to the whole Panthera Africa family.

I´m sure I will come back – and not for only one week…



Sitting beside Neptune as the sun goes down, it feels a privilege to be in his presence. A true king! His calming aura and wise eyes give me the perfect opportunity to reflect on my time here.

Alice blog       Alice blog2

Before coming to Panthera Africa I wasn’t too sure what to expect but from reviews I read online and the conversation with Cat and Liz prior to arriving, I knew it would be a unique experience. Looking back on it now at the end of my time here, not only has it been unique but also rewarding, eye-opening and incredibly inspiring.

Hearing about where the animals have come from can be heart breaking, but in equal measure it so so important to understand their stories and in turn the importance of protecting these beautiful creatures. Seeing the animals at Panthera Africa now totally at peace is a truly wonderful thing.

What Cat and Lizaene have created here is nothing short of incredible. It is an experience I will never forget and I am already so excited to return again one day. In the mean time I will follow their progress avidly as they continue to look after the beautiful creatures in their care and introduce new members to their ever growing pride.


Alice – December 2016